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Circle of Two are currently developing several projects for the future, involving different disciplines such as stop-gap animation, puppetry, masks and movement.

  • Bambolina & Dodo animated series

Circle of Two are working in collaboration with animator Claudi Sorribas and composer Christine Palethorpe on a small animated series featuring the characters of Bambolina & Dodo. Here is a taster of the project:

  • Do Puppets Dream...

Do Puppets Dream... is a work in progress that uses shadows, a life size puppet, physical theatre and live music, composed and performed by the talented Christine Palethorpe. We plan to develop the piece into a full length show aimed at an adult audience under the motto “A Fairy Tale for Adults”.


The piece draws on the uncanniness of blurring the real with the imaginary, and with the understanding of life as an act of becoming, as constant and continuous moments of birth and death, of movement and stillness.


Both presences are a mirror of each other, each of them in search of the other's soul. The mask is the bridge between them, between material reality and the world of dreams. And in the end, who is dreaming...?

  • Through the Looking-Glass


An exploration of concepts such as “presence”, the “self”and the “other”, and the“inner/outer” paradigms in theatre and dance. How to find the balance between the two worlds, the inner and the outer?


What does the mirror symbolise? What do we see when we look at the world through the mirror? Can we see meaning behind the reflected image and can the audience see, therefore, what that reflected image of the self represents? Our Inner comes from our experience, from how we perceive the world. The mask, our Outer, is our image, is how the world perceives us. Both perspectives come together in front of the mirror.


The mirror is a symbol of transformation, a way of transcending the self. The mirror represents a ritual passage from the Inner to the Outer.

Other Shows

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