Dodo's Dream

When the clock strikes twelve, magic begins and a doll comes to life...

Inspired, amongst others, by the myth of Pygmalion and the tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann (such as The Sand Man and The Nutcracker) Circle of Two tell the heartbreaking, impossible love story of an eccentric inventor and the mechanical doll he has created in resemblance of his deceased wife. When he goes to sleep, he dreams that his beloved comes back to life. 

Dodo’s Dream is a magical journey into a tender and wacky universe, totally inscribed in children's poetry. A fairy tale that triggers the laughter and wonder of the little ones and the emotion of the grown ups!

Dodo’s Dream is a visual and universal show for public of all ages and nationalities.  


"Our Hackney audience was thrilled by the show. I have had a non stop stream of compliments

about how wonderful it all was. You turned a very big space into a magical environment and

enlivened our ceiling. "Andrew Coombs, director of the Hackney Children's Theatre

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Available in two formats:


  • Bambolina & Dodo (20' show): Floor acrobatics, mime and slapstick comedy.


  • Dodo's Dream (45' show): The complete story is told culminating in an aerial dance.

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Dodo's Dream

Bambolina & Dodo



The Impossible Love Story of Bambolina & Dodo is available in various formats for Circus, and can be divided into different acts that create a perfect red thread for any production. The acts can also be performed separately.


The main act is a a comedy slapstick routine available in different durations.


A second act is a romantic doubles trapeze routine, "Dodo's Dream" with the same characters, introduced with a beautiful bubbles entrance around the outside of the ring, in which the audience can see the characters up close.


The character of Dodo can also open the show, or a second half after the interval, with a reprise in which the audience will help him countdown to zero until he strikes the gong, with the help of his assistant, Doddino. Dodo and Doddino engage in a little acrobatic display.


"Circle of Two have emerged in recent years as one of the hottest properties in the European speciality act market. [...]Clearly inspired by the silent film days of expressive clowning, Circle of Two, form a seamless amalgam between physical theatricality and circus balance and acrobatic skills."  Mark Ritchie, UK Cabaret, December 2014


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