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Acrobatic Balancing

Cy Clon
-Acrobatic Adagio-

Two beings merging in search of harmony through the beats of life... 'Cy Clon' is an acrobatic adagio, a heart moving act with a choreography of singular plasticity, where emotion combines with the beauty of lines. 'Cy Clon' represents the eternal search of harmony between two opposites, where balance weaves with strength in order to create one of life's many cycles. A classic Hand-to-hand adagio routine.

The Strongman

​-Acrobatic Extravaganza-

Circle of Two tells here the rise and fall of The Strongest Man On Earth.


You'll learn about the fatal encounter that transformed Samson into Delilah. 


A magical story full of passions, love, hate, intrigue and fatality... 


Well, maybe just a few moments of humour in balance... 


An acrobatic parody that rescues two singular characters from the forgotten times of old, and presents them, today, for the entertainment of contemporary audiences.

Static Trapeze





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